REGION: Piemonte
TOURISM DISTRICT: Langhe wine district and Cuneo Alps
DURATION: 5 days / 4 nights

If you are passionate of Italian food you can’t miss a wine and food experience in the “Granda”, the “big” Province of Cuneo. In company of our food and wine expert you ‘ll discover a cuisine robust and tasty, simple and genuine: a culinary tradition of the ”inglobation “ showing strong French and Ligurian influence, aristocrat recipes beside some very humble ones. What will include your experience? Let’s start from the town of Alba and Barolo vineyards, lands of great value for food quality and respect for environment. Here you can pamper your palate with a cooking class to learn about a cusine full of flavors, colours and tasty ingredients capable of charming most demanding palates: white truffles, meat dishes, handmade pasta. Add a fantastic wine experience of Barolo and Barbaresco and you can feel what aristocrat Piemonte cuisine means. Only h 1.30 driving and you find yourself ina totally different landscape: the Alps of the Italian side of Occitania, that southern Europe area without official borders: here you’re going to meet a completely different cuisine, humble and modern at same time, rich in history, values and perspectives. A cuisine rich in strong flavors as garlic, olives, salted fish, olive oil but most of all exquisite cheeses as Castelmagno, toma, tomini and different blue cheeses. Put on top of your dishes a hint of wild herbs and Lavender and …. what’s more healthy and modern than this!


REGION: Emilia Romagna
PROVINCE: Parma – Bologna – Modena
TOURISM DISTRICT: the Italian Food Valley
LENGHT OF STAY: 4 days / 3 nights

Difficult to say which is best food in Italy but yes, we have admit that the dif-ficult to imagine Italy without the culinary and cultural bounties that this re-gion offers. You can’t speak of Italian culinary treasures without thinking to Parmigiano Reggiano, Culatello di Zibello, Prosciutto di Parma, Mode-na Balsamic Vinegar. Travelling these lands is like to get lost in an imagi-nary labyrinth of flavours, a true excercise for your nose and mouth in fin-ding the exit from this eclettism of tastes and creative Gastronomy. What will include your experience? A special Bologna street food tour; a “run-ning” through Parmigiano Reggiano wheels with tasting following and an immersion in the temple of Culatello di Zibello and Prosciutto di Parma, matured in the lowlands and the fogs of the Po river. About Vinegar forget any balsamic you might have tried; the original one of Modena is aged at least 12 years, preferably 25 or longer. End your experience in the Labyrinth of Masone, the largest bamboo maze in the world and where you can celebrate your “ Tasting Marathon” on art treasures with a food delicacies menu from from the maze restaurant runned by a Michelin starred chef.


REGION: Lombardy
PROVINCE: Milano, Bergamo, Mantova and Cremona
LENGHT OF STAY: 5 days / 4 nights

What we offer here is an usual way of visiting Lombardy, a unique gastrono-mic trip around most important region’s towns and flavors. Lombardy isn’t the place to go if you’re after bright fresh tomatoes, aromatic basil and other Me-diterranean ingredients; instead, the food here is more like its German and Swiss neighbours to the north, with big, bold, hearty ingredients. What will include your experience with us? A spectacular trip in Lombardian landscapes, from the Alpine zone till the Lakes shores and ending with the al-luvional plains of the Po. First of all enjoy a culture & food guided tour of Mi-lano including with its art of Aperitivo at the Navigli together with a saffron- infused risotto. Moving on to Brescia, Bergamo and Mantua be ready to learn about the meaning of Italian stuffed pastas, expecially with pumpkink. In Bergamo mountains enjoy also a tasting of creamy Ta-leggio cheese and explore the kingdom of Italian Bubbles, the Franciacorta sparkling wines district with unique tasting in world known cellar. Our experience will end in Cremona where enjoying two must of Northern Italy Cuisine: mostarda ( candied fruit with mustard- flavored syrup to serve with boiled meat cuts ) and torrone.


REGION: Puglia
PROVINCE: Bari – Brindisi- Lecce – Matera
TOURISM DISTRICT: Bari Lands – High Salento – Salento
DURATION: 7 days / 6 nights

Seven days exploring exploring the must of Italian “ Cucina povera”, the one very tied to its past, to ancestors recipes and with freshest in-gredients from organic farming in incredibly fertile soil. This tour will drive you in most unspoiled slice of this rural Italy as well in marvellous coastline and remote uplands with vineyards with fantastic not proces-sed food. Whether you’re a seafood lover, a pasta fan or vegetarian Puglia has something for everyone! What will include your experience? A visit to a dairy farm with creamy Burrata cheese making in Gioia del Colle; a stop in a family run olive oil farm in Ostuni with impressi-ve underground oil mill and typical lunch incuding “ orecchiette” ; Primitivo and Negroamaro wine escape in Taranto territory. Between Bari and Matera meet the Apulian art of baking with the rustic bread of Altamura made with hard durum wheat semolina.This special holiday will end in Salento with a unique morning fishing experience in fishing boat and the thrill of the open sea and coastline views only sea wolves know.


REGION: Umbria
PROVINCE: Perugia – Terni
TOURISM DISTRICT: Perugia lands and Ternano
LENGHT OF STAY: 4 days / 3 nights

Travelling Umbria can be a truly journey through ancient italian flavours spread among woods , valleys and gentle hills. Umbria is a region of culinary traditions that are often maintened and sometimes revisited, with a set of aromas that have influenced the cuisine of center Italy. Our food guide will show you best places of this cultural gastronomy having its roots in the ci-vilization of the Etruscans and Romans with frequent use of legumes and cereals but Umbria will amaze you with also with its variety of flavours and typical products: from lake fish to pork, from chocolate to honey dairy products not to mention lentils, saffron, black truffles and extra olive oil. What will include your experience? A special “healthy cooking” class with simple, easy and quick to repeat recipes; cold cuts immersion in the area of Norcia; half day among olive trees and mill with special class on scent, colour, texture and taste of different olive oils. End with a chocolate experience at Perugina and celebrate with fantastic Rosso di Montefalco experience with vineyards tour in 4×4.


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