REGION: Puglia and Basilicata
PROVINCE: Bari – Brindisi – Lecce – Matera
TOURISM DISTRICT: Bari Lands – High Salento – Salento and Sassi of Matera
LENGHT OF STAY: 10 days / 9 nights

Puglia, in virtue of the scenic attractions, cozy climate, small towns, thermal baths and healthy cuisine is the perfect destination not only to deepen the passion for Southern Italy but also to enjoy an holystic holiday. Here you find marvellous retreats and traditional farm houses (masserie) surrounded by nature and perfect to boost your wellness. In Puglia you can benefit from best mediterranean healthy food, vegan and vegeterian but most intere-sting thing is that Puglia offer you the chance of pairing ancient and natural healing treatments no invasive – no side aspects with modern well-ness trends.
Join us in re-connecting mind & body through authentic Apulian experien-ces: the program has daily activities as yoga, breathing excercizes, ther-mal waters, oriental disciplines, massages, aromatherapy, healing herbs and time free. Imagine you meditating in a olive grove in Ostuni; ex-periencing beach walking in the “Italian Maldives“ between Otranto and Leuca or having Park Therapy in the Murge National Park. Can you dream some-thing better than having also free time to explore the splendid white vil-lages and towns? Or enjoying a private boat tour in the cristalline waters and cave? The program also include an extension to Matera and “Sassi” giving you the chance to see in a glance the various forms of civilization and anthropization that have occurred over time.
Do not miss to celebrate the end of the holiday dancing with locals the “Pizzi-ca tarantata“ ancient healing ritual against the bite of tarantula spider. There ’s really something for everyone!


REGION: Tuscany, Umbria and Marche
PROVINCE: Pisa- Siena- Arezzo- Perugia – Pesaro Urbino
TOURISM DISTRICT: Terre di Pisa- Terre di Siena – Chianti Colli Aretini – The Franciscan Pathway – Montefeltro
LENGHT OF STAY: 9 days / 8 nights

Finding inspiration from the iconic book Eat Pray Love (Elizabeth Gilbert) we have designed a special holiday in Center Italy where, togheter with Eating we putted walking meditation and shopping. Not necessary to travel to India for meditating or to Bali to find a balance between worldly enjoyment and divine transcendence: with our tour you find everything you need in our three beautiful Centralregions!
Satisfy the pleasure for food and good living, find peace in some meditation activity and enjoy “ signature” Shopping. If you want to have a break from everyday life, family and careers duties, join us in this experience that includes also the most ancient and constant activity of the Humanity, the one of walking. With our guide you’ll be able to appreciate the meaning of walking in the “heart “of Italy from Terre di Siena till Marche, with Umbria in between. Walking in the wilderness and silence of the woods, breathing the mysticism of beautiful Heritage and enjoying the charme of little hilltop towns is a special experience of great connection with Nature, History and Culture. This journey it is also a journey in different periods, from the Etruscan to Middle Age till Renaissance in towns like Volterra, Siena, San Gimignano, Perugia, Assisi, Gubbio and Urbino. Dont’ worry: there will be time also for some “Like a local” experiences; for culinary delights and full bodied wines. In contrast to buying, true shopping lifts our spirits, it makes us feel better about ourselves, it is a form of therapy. It is for this reason that we have included privileged access at authentic Italian artisans of leather, cashmere, hand-crafted jewels and pottery, raphia hats, shoes, bags and accessories. Our is a journey away from the crowds but not from Ladies passions!


REGION: Sicily
PROVINCE: Palermo- Catania- Siracusa – Ragusa- Agrigento – Trapani
TOURISM DISTRICT: Taormina and Etna- Siracusa and Val di Noto- Temples Valley- Trapani and Paceco Salt Ponds- Palermo- Aeolian Islands
LENGHT OF STAY: 10 days / 9 nights

Speaking of Sicily is speaking about Mediterranean and a world apart, result of beeing a crossroads of different civilizations. We wanted to design a Ladies holidays a little bit different and specifically focusing in an emotional and healing Sicily, through Culture, Myth, Legend and Philosophy.
When thinking to the meaning of Mediterranean Culture and Lifestyle you find here all you need to know, above all the chance to approach the great Greek legacy.
Philosophy today is more modern and necessary than ever: it’s taking time, expanding the mind and reflecting on the entirety of life. You can do it with our expert archeologist and a professor in Philosophy joining the group and showing you how Mythology contais important morals and teaching that are relevant now as they were thousand years ago. What a fantastic experience of fun and wisdom togheter and learning a little bit more about living life to the fullest yet in simplicity as the ancient Greeks taught. Will be thrilling an Etna adventure in 4×4; sleeping in a old “tonnara” house, sailing to Stromboli, get lost among Baroque palaces or biking among salt pans and wind mills. It will be a total involvement of the senses immerse yourself in the rich wine and food tradition of the island, in wineries, typical restaurants and lively open air markets where you can breathe flavors that will take you to the East or North Africa. For sure will certainly be unforgettable to learn the true meaning of the Mediterranean Lifestyle: good ife is where nothing if forced on you and where everything come as natural.


REGION: Northern West Italy
PROVINCE: Liguria, Piemonte, Valle d’Aosta
TOURISM DISTRICT: Portofino – Langhe wine district – Turin- Grand Paradiso and Courmayeur
LENGHT OF STAY: 9 days / 8 nights

Travelling North Western Italy is a truly enchating experience ofbordering regions so different from each other. You will be enthusiast to combine sea, hills and Alps at short distance and to enjoy a unique diversity also in terms of culture, traditions, languages and food. In these regions in fact are incredibly mixed Mediterranean and Alpine culture, both showing a strong French Influence.
Let’s start our itinerary from Liguria with dramatic coastal topography, beautifully preserved architecture and some of Italy’s most memorable “crui-se and hike” experience at Cinque Terre. Here are many enchanting villages you can explore all over the region, all of them offering beautiful views and picturesque spots like Camogli, Borgio Verezzi, Cervo, Final Borgo Hiking having some focaccia and trofie with pe-sto sauce will be perfect to restore your energies. Next destination is Southern Piemonte, the Langhe wine region, the Italian Burgundy. Rugged seaside cliffs give way to fantastic hills of vines, topped with medieval castles and towers.The predominants colors here are the green of landscapes, the garnet red of Nebbiolo wines and the wood color of thousands of bar-rels resting in dark cellars. Allow your palate and soul to delight with wines made for Kings, with food showing a clear French influence in the cooking methods and style and learn how the Piedmonteses take their food and wine very seriously. End your holiday Valle d’Aosta, the smallest and most montaneous region in Italy, a land of stunning beauty, where lush, deep glacial valleys are scattered with stone medieval castles and studded with cry-stal-clear alpine lakes.Feel privileged to celebrate your Italian holiday in gla-morous Courmayeur breathing a special blends of two traditions: the French Provencal with the Northern Italian Culture.


REGION: Northeast Italy
PROVINCE: Milano – Como – Verona – Belluno and Venice
TOURISM DISTRICT: Como and Garda Lakes, Verona and Valpolicella, The Dolomites – Venice and the Laguna
LENGHT OF STAY: 9 days / 8 nights

The Northeastern Italy Tour from Como Lake to Venice is really something full of different activities and landscape on” the file rouge” of cristalline wa-ters of mountains lakes till the canals of the Laguna. Italian lakes are a great experience: they are perfect or Ladies of all ages looking for quieter atmospheres and for some of most amazing vistas in Europe. Hilltop to-wns, historic treasures, cultural riches and lush countryside are all ingredients for a magical holiday. Imagine yourself starting from stunning natural beau-ties of Como lake from your private boat driving you in some of most ele-gant villas and gardens and ending with a silk shopping experience. Moving to Veneto stop in Garda Lake, the biggest Italian Lake, with splendid Sirmione and Lazise villages, perfect for some wine & food tasting. The beauty of this lake has been eulogised by many writers, including Catul-lus, Tennyson, DH Lawrence and Ezra Pound.
At short driving you can tempt your palates in the Valpolicella wine di-strict, have a cooking class or some adventure rafting on the river Adige in a inflatable boat. Time now to move to splendid Dolomites, the one of Cortina d’Ampezzo, Misurina lake and the three peaks of Lavaredo. An hiking experience here is a must together with a traditional lunch with” cane-derli” and final grappa before leaving for Venice. Celebrate the end of the holiday with and exclusive private motorboat in the Laguna and a special “ painting” session with professional landscapes painters. Who knows Venice better than them? Painting with them and bringing home a handmade memory will be a very special Venetian Souvenir.


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